Because I work mostly on a one-off, made-to-order basis, the communication and design process can vary from person to person. But please make sure you are comfortable with my prices (ask me for a quote since orders are case by case) before you inquire into an order. It saves us both time :) 
1. Contact me (email/Instagram-DM).
2. If you would like to confirm a spot on the waitlist, I require a refundable $100 SGD deposit and your contact details (which I will ask you).
3. We discuss what type of custom you are interested in! Shoes/jackets/sweaters/etc.
3. Closer to your slot on the waitlist, I'll initiate a conversation about the kind of design you'd like. Feel free to send me any photos for inspiration, colour schemes, motifs, etc! Most of my clients leave it to me to have control over how the design will end up looking, but if you already have something specific you want, let me know.
4. I let you know when I begin to design the digital mockup of your custom. After this point, the $100 SGD deposit is non-refundable.  We can discuss what you like, what you'd want to change, until the design is approved and I can start working on the actual piece. Once the design is approved, that is when full payment is made (inclusive of the $100 SGD deposit).
5. Depending on where you are based, I ship the work back to you. I am currently based in Singapore and I ship internationally. 
Any other questions not answered here, please feel free to ask.